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DIMOCK Camp Meeting Ground

Serving Christ in the Endless Mountains

Mission Statement

To offer the love of God as known in Christ, and to invite others to grow in faith

Vision Statement

To develop our God-given resources to provide a variety of programs and activities that will expand opportunities with the community at large

The Dimock Camp Meeting traces its roots back to 1875 when a decision was made by several Methodist Episcopal congregations in the region to create "a permanent campmeeting ground" in the then Wyalusing District of the Methodist Church. Its purposes were spiritual revival and evangelization as the "plain gospel" was proclaimed and taught. The Camp Meeting was chartered in 1877. When the Wyalusing District was dissolved in 1878, few would have dreamed that it could sustain itself. But God has worked in wondrous yet mysterious ways, and we are pleased to welcome you once again in 2024 to take part in a series of Sunday evening worship experiences in the chapel followed by refreshments.